You are standing with 200 million Endo Warriors
You are not alone

  • Painful Periods
  • Pelvic Inflammation
  • Painful Sex
  • Low Back Pain
  • Painful Bowel Movements
  • Intestinal Distress
  • Fertility Issues


Tips for talking to your gynecologist

It can be hard to describe all of your symptoms at a doctor’s appointment, but you need to speak up since your gynecologist might assume you’re not in pain.

Remember to schedule an appointment with your gynecologist to specifically discuss your pain.

When you call, make sure to bring up your symptoms, whether they have gotten better or worse, and how they affect your daily life.

Tips for talking to your employers/ teachers

How much is too much information ?

People won’t be able to understand what you’re going through if you don’t explain it to them. Here are a few ways you can explain endometriosis:

“You might have noticed that I am out sick sometimes. I may look fine one day, and be sick the next, because I have a chronic disease. Sometimes I can work through it, but sometimes, it’s best for my health for me to stay home and rest. If you would like any more information or need a note from my doctor explaining this, please let me know.”


“I’m not sure if you’ve heard of something called endometriosis, but it’s a chronic disease I have. I hope that by telling you this, I can explain why I missed some work unexpectedly. I’m doing everything I can to manage it, but sometimes the best thing I can do for my health is to stay home. If you would like any more information or need a note from my doctor explaining this, please let me know.”


“Have you heard of something called endometriosis? It’s a chronic disease I have where the tissue that usually grows on the inside of my uterus starts growing on the outside. It’s more than just bad periods, and it affects women differently. Sometimes it can even keep me at home, in bed. I wanted to share this with you so that you’re not wondering or worrying about my occasional absences. It’s something that I’ve learned to deal with, and I do my best to not let it affect my activities. But, when I’m having endometriosis pain, sometimes the best thing I can do is stay home and rest.”

Support Groups